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tottenham coverLabels pageFind out more

ikea tvOutsideBack Cover

IKEA Tottenham 2023, Digital Print, 48 Pages A4

Sleeve closedOpening up Open

12/4, 2023, Digital Print on Paper found record sleeves folds to 18 x 18cm


cd cover Cd revival open

CD Revival 2022, Digital print on paper, found CD Sleeve - clear tape

houseplinth cover Houseplinth 1 Houseplinth 2

Houseplinth 3 Houseplinth spread 4

Houseplinth, Digital print on paper, A5, 2022

Argos advent Argos advent open

Advent Calendar 2020, Digital print on cardboard with glitter

Travel Photos cover Travel photos spread Travel photos spread 2

Travel Photos 4 Travel photos 5


Travel Photos 2020, Digital Print on Paper A4, Edition of 150

Congratulations 1 Congratulations 2 Congratulations 3

Congratulations 4 Congratulations detail

Congratulations 2020, found wrapping paper , found folder tape

ikea worksurfaces oneikeaworksurfacesikea worksurfaces


Ikea Worksurfaces 2019, Digital print on poster booklet, Folded size A4, open size A2


Swatchbook, Published and Fabricated by Laurel Parker Books, Edition of 15 + 2 AP


Publications 2008 - 2018, Published in an edition fof 250 by Bierke Books, Publication + Poster

21 x 29.7cm



Maplin bag 2018, Inkjet on found paper bag, 15cm x 10 cm


besta besta 1

IKEA BESTA, 2018, Digital print on paper, Edition of 100

lm lm2 lm3

Loyalty Map, 2017, Digital print on paper and card perforated, Edition of 100

laptop 2 laptop 1.2

Laptop 2, digital print on paper A4, Laptop1.2

digital print on paper 100 copies

Paint brushes

PaintBrushes 2017, digital print on paper, Elastic Band, 50cl can of soft drink, 100 copies

ikea rulers

Ikea Ruler 2017, Ikea Rulers, in wallet, plastic bag, 10 copies

ikea wardike  open

ikea spread

IKEA Wardrobes 2017, Digital print on paper 200 copies

ikea kitchens ikea 2

back cover

Ikea Kitchens 2016, Digital print, A4, 200 copies


lap top laptop2

laptop1 lpt

Laptop Book,Digital print on paper 2016. A4 Edition of 250


argos bag

Argos Tote Bag, made for Book Club 2015

pen vinyl ban pen spen ban 3

Banner Pen, 2015, Inkjet on paper in pen

penst penst pens st3

Pencil pyramid, 80 x 80mm, digital print on cardboard, 2015, Editon of 100


ikea b ikeab2

ikeab 3

Ikea Bathrooms, 2015, Digital Print, Edition of 200. A4

non pop non pop 1


Pop - up, Non, Pop-up, 2015, Digital print on gloss paper Edition of 250, A4

folded popup openpop up

through pop up


Pop up, 2014, Digital Print on expanded file. Edition of 9 plus 1 AP

argos coveropen argos 1

open argos 2open argos 3

Argos Catalogue 1976, 2014, A reprint of the 1976 Argos Catalogue, Digital Print on paper, Glue Bound. The Everyday Press. Edition of 40 plus 2 AP

env hou title open env hou1

env hou diag

Envelope Houses, 2014, Digital Print, Clear plastic comb binding. Edition of 250

typewriter vol2 type 2

type 4 with stand typestand 3

Typewriter Manual Volume 2 Editon of 100. Special edition with book stand (folds flat)

Envelope clock envelope clock 2

Envelope Clock, 2013, Editon of 50

chelsea chelsea

Chelsea College of Art, Bulletin from Book for Sale, 2013

colour colour pencils

Colour Pencils, 2013

nsd stationery index

page sta4

New Stationery Department 2013, Edition of 500,Published by Motto, Berlin

Ex lib 1 ex library 1

ex library 3 ex library 3

ex library 4

Ex Library Book, 2012, Pork Salad Press, Copenhagen

handg handg 2

hand g 3house and garden4

House and Garden, 2012,Paul and Wendy Projects, Toronto

cat1 cat2

Catalogue 2012, The Block, London, Edition 250 ISBN 9780956675729

type 1

Typewriter Manual, 2011,

Faded Paper, 2011, Spike Island Bristol, Edition of 250

1 Day Diary, 2011, White Columns, New York. Pocket size available.

Modern Art in Everyday Life, 2011, The Bedford Press, London, Edition 250 ISBN 9781907414084

Envelopes Midwinter 2010/11, SKMU, Norway, Edition 250

Remains, 2010, Dundee Contemporary Art, Edition 150

Calendar, 2010

Arrows 2010

Mirrors 2010

Book Cover 2009, Record Sleeve 2009

Some Compositions from Stationery Catalogues, 2009,

Library ticket 2009

Folded Envelope 1, 2009

Folded Envelope, 2011

32 Photocopied Pages, 2009, 16 Photocopied Pages, 2009

50 Envelope Windows, 2008