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insta view

Window Display, Installation View, Haus der Kunst, Munich 2016


Pen Fence 2016, shop vinyl on found vitrine, Stationery picture reflected. 2016

insat penf

Installation view, Pen fence, Stationery Picture 2016


Stationery Picture, Laminated digital print, ringbinder mechanisms, 594 x 850mm,2016

insat 3

Installation View Window display, 2016

large pop up

Pop- Up (large) Digital Oring on Cut Cardboard 1200 x 600mm

insta 5

Installation view, Pop- Up large Wrapping Paper, Pop- Up(large) ,Giant pen box, 2016

green line

Installation view, Wrapping Paper, Book cover

mouldly sleeve

Mouldy book cover, digital print on book cover, 2016


Pen Fence 2, Shop vinyl on found vitrine, Lap top book, Flyposters on Cardboard 2016


Pen Fence 2 detail, Shop vinyl on Found museum vitrine, 2016

insta 6

Installation View, Shop vinyl, Stationery Picture 2016

stationer pic

Stationery Picture 2016, Laminated digital print, Ringbinder mechanisms, 860mm x 594mm

pop up small

Pop up , Digital print on cardboard, 850mm x 594mm

lap top pile

Pile of laptop books, Flyposter on cardboard, 297 x 210 x 30mm stacked


Pens, 2016, Inkjet on paper, approx 1.5m x 2m

more rolls

Installation View, Wrapping paper rolls, pop - up, edding 2016

pop up s

Small pop- up (detail) Wrapping Paper


Edding (detail) Giant cardboard Edding pen 10 x 10x 80cm 2016


Wrapping Paper (detail) - Wrapping paper rolled and rerolled

lap top

Laptop books 2016, Flyposters on cardboard on found laptop stands.